Demo Information

Two major tasks were assign to me in this film: the creation and conceptualization of the Hero Dragon under the supervision of director Jon Turteltaub and creating a very unique morph between characters framed at full screen.


Sample of work:
A very unique effect was needs for this film. A nonlinear morph from one character to another in full frame without adding any distracting elements like smokes or flares.

Using almost every technique available I was able to achieve the effect. Starting with a smart mesh, then rigged and finally running a dynamic simulation on top. This enables me to get the skin to do the desired effect. Another layer that required almost the same amount of work was the morph of the hair. For this I use the skin as the driving surface and then created another dynamic rig to drive the change in the hair. The setup was finish with the creation of a rig so the animator could animated as needed and then the dynamics could be turn on for final effect.

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