The images above show the raw collision simulation and the final output to film in The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons.
I was responsible for the demolition and destruction simulation of the tug boat and submarine. The action is simple, tug boat crashes with submarine in the middle of the ocean but the execution of this simple concept is a bit more challenging. As the boat collides with the submarine multiple layers break creating a chain reaction.

Multiple layers of simulation were needed in order to get the effect to work right. I used a mix of techniques from dynamic simulation, scripted stimulation, triggering objects via Mel scripting and traditional animation. The whole setup/rig was design so it could be keyframe. The keyframes triggered the simulation and the hierarchy of events.

A very unique effect was needs for the Film The Sorcerers Apprentice. A nonlinear morph from one character to another in full frame without adding any distracting elements like smokes or flares.

Using almost every technique available I was able to achieve the effect. Starting with a smart mesh, then rigged and finally running a dynamic simulation on top. This enables me to get the skin to do the desired effect. Another layer that required almost the same amount of work was the morph of the hair. For this I use the skin as the driving surface and then created another dynamic rig to drive the change in the hair. The setup was finish with the creation of a rig so the animator could animated as needed and then the dynamics could be turn on for final effect.

Above we have a shot from the film Haven. I was required to add a fully photo real tentacle into the shot. I consider this a character extension shot. For this shot I modeled, rig, shade and lit the item to make it perfectly fit in the plate. One of the biggest challenges here was the fact that no set data was captured., So no HDRI were use and the texture had to be run on a big chain of a shading networks in order to match the plate. Final grading was done in compositing.


Here we see another facial morph. This is a more traditional linear morph. In this case, texture projection over a 3d morphing face technique was used. The idea is for the human to transform into the alien at full frame. The human had to be recreated in CG so it could transition into the alien. The effect is 98% CG. Very little compositing was use at the end of the shot.